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Shock freezing chamber

Shock freezing chamber in BakuShock freezing chamber is designed as a thermal insulation loop, in which the movement of trucks, shelving units with semi-finished product or on trays or pallets loaded on the shelves in the cabinet.

As the heat exchange equipment used coolers with increased step fin heat exchange surface, which increases the operating time of refrigeration equipment between defrost cycles. The camera uses a special type of air coolers "turbo-freeze" that ensure uniform freezing rate products due to blowing the product from all sides.

Uniform temperature distribution over the layers of the product and the speed of heat removal are dependent on the location of the product and the air flow direction. The use of "turbo-freeze" can significantly reduce the heat treatment of semi-finished in the chamber shock frosts, as well as reduce the cost of electricity.

Shock freezing chamber in BakuIn devices batch of products subjected to freezing loaded and unloaded periodically in accordance with the technology when it reaches the desired temperature in the interior of the product. Refrigerating chamber shock frosts usually consists of two sections - freight and air cooler. The cargo compartment is most commonly used tunneling air distribution system. Product trays or pallets loaded onto shelves in the cabinet. It can be placed in the chamber and technological carts. The internal volume of the chamber (temperature -30-40 ° C) are loading carts, shelves, which has frozen food. Wagon vehicles batch (or stationary coolers) used for freezing meat, fish, offal, poultry, fruits, berries and vegetables.