Projection — the process by which a prototype, the prototype of the desired object, ie the project.

Types of projections

By type of objects developed the following types of project activity:

Design of technical systems:

  • engineering design (technical devices and equipment)
  • electrical engineering (electrical and power supply)
  • design of engineering systems (ventilation, gas, electricity, etc. infrastructure)


  • AEC
  • urban planning
  • technological design

Design :

  • Interior Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Landscaping

Projection stages:

Terms of Reference  (TOR) — sets the main purpose of the developed object

Technical Proposal (TP)  — a set of documents containing technical and feasibility study

Technical Project (TP) — a set of documents that must contain the final technical solutions that provide a complete picture of the device of the proposed facility, the initial data for the development of working documentation.